What grade should I say I am in when I register?

IMC determines grade levels based on the grade you JUST COMPLETED.  That way you can come one last time right after you graduate from High School.

Do I need to have a passport?

Passports will not be required for an US or Canadian citizen who visits the International Peace Garden or the INTERNATIONAL MUSIC CAMP.  An exemption to the passport law (WHTI) allows campers, families, and other visitors to pass through customs with a birth certificate.  A photo ID will also be required for those 16 and older.  Each passenger in every vehicle will be expected to present these documents!  The special exemption only applies to the Dunseith and Boissevain ports of entry and is only valid if you return to your country of origin when you leave the International Peace Garden. Passports will be required for US citizens to travel to Canada and for Canadians to enter the US.

I haven’t received my information packet. What do I do?

Information packets will be mailed out in May.  If you have not received your packet two weeks before your arrival at camp, please contact the IMC Office.

If you have not received an information packet, you may also click here to download all the necessary information.

I forgot to mail in my camper’s health form. Will they still be able to attend camp?

Health forms are due two weeks before the student’s stay at camp and every camper needs to have one on file while at camp. However, if you forgot to send one in or you have misplaced your health form, you can download one here and email it to info@internationalmusiccamp.com or fax it to 701-263-4212 (beginning June 1).

Can I room with my friend?

You certainly can. Just indicate who you would like to room with on your registration form under roommate preference. Dorm assignments are made the day your registration is received and roommate preference reservations will be held for 2 weeks only. At that time, another roommate will be housed at random.

When is registration and check in?

Registration and check in for all students is on Sunday afternoon between 12:30 pm and 3:00 pm in the Alme International Arts Centre. If you are unable to arrive at that time, please phone our office to let us know when your student will be arriving. Upon arrival, please check in at the Merton Utgaard Administration Building.

Can I bring my own padlock?

No. We have locks for rent at $5.00 a piece. $3.00 will be returned to the student when both lock and key are turned back into the office.

When are the CDs mailed out?

All the CD order forms are due by September 1.  CDs will be mailed out in December.

How much money should my child bring?

On average students bring between $25.00 to $50.00 for spending money.

The Concession Stand is open during recreation and free time. Student may purchase soft drinks, snacks, stationary, postcards, stamps, pencils, etc.

The Allegro Shop carries a wide variety of clothing and souvenirs such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, umbrellas, CDs and more!