What to Bring to Camp for Your Program

Music Programs

Bring an instruction book and a solo that you are presently working on or a piece that you would like to study for private lessons and private practice periods.  Bring a notebook, pencil, and staff-lined paper  (Music staff paper may be purchased at the Concession Stand if needed).

All campers must bring their own instrument in good playing condition and music stand.  If you play a school instrument, make the necessary arrangements to bring the instrument with you.   Woodwind players – if you play a wooden instrument (professional line), please bring a plastic instrument for outdoor practice times.  A repair shop will be available for emergency repairs only.  You will be charged for parts and other accessories.  There are an extremely limited number of IMC Instruments (such as String Basses) that are available to rent.  Any campers using IMC instruments such as string basses will be charged a $50 USD user fee.   The camper will be charged for any damages due to abuse.   Please contact us in advance in order to reserve a bass.   They are held for campers who are flying to camp first and will be available to other bassists one week before Session Six starts.   If you do rent a bass from IMC, you will need to provide your own bow.

  • Brass players & String players should bring mutes.
  • Reed players should bring an ample supply of reeds or tools/kits for adjusting and making reeds.
  • Percussionists should bring sticks or mallets for the instrument(s) you wish to study.  Bring your own snare drum.  Bass drum, timpani and mallet instruments will be provided.  If you are attending the jazz camp or garage band, you must bring your own drum set.
  • Electric guitar and bass guitar players need to bring their own amp and cords.

Some programs require specific materials or items.  You will find this information linked below and it will be included in your information packet.  A suggested music list is enclosed in your packet for campers who would like to bring music to study or practice while at camp.  The list below is in Alphabetical Order.  The list will be labeled as it is updated for 2024.

Art and Digital Photography Programs

There is an additional supply fee attached to the art programs which will be used to purchase art supplies for each camper’s program.  The fee is included in the registration fee.  Each instructor has selected specific materials and supplies necessary for the program.  Art supplies will be ordered in advance and will be waiting for you when you arrive at IMC.  You may bring any other supplies you may want, but they are not necessary.

Program Art Supply Fee (included in registration)
Middle School Art $65
Digital Photography $35
Basic Art $65
Drawing $60
Cartooning $80
Painting $90
Sculpture $55

You might want to bring old or protective clothing (depending on the program).  Art can be messy, and we don’t want anyone to ruin nice clothes.

Please click here for information on what to bring for Adult Studio Art (Seventh Session).

Theatre, Dance, and Creative Arts Programs

Please see the lists below for specifics about what you will need to bring to IMC that is specific to your program.