Refer a Friend

Have you been to IMC? Do you know someone who would love IMC? Do you want to bring a friend when you come back this summer? Or, maybe even your sister or brother, cousin or neighbor? We have a special incentive for you!

“Refer A Friend” and earn a special prize for when YOU come to IMC!

What do you get? You have the CHOICE between a coupon worth $15 off at the Allegro Shop or 15 Golden Tickets! Golden Tickets allow the ticket bearer to move to the front of the cafeteria line! You can share with your friends to move them to the front of the line too. You will receive either a book of 15 Golden Tickets or one $15 coupon to the Allegro Shop for each new IMC camper* you have referred. If more than one of your referred friends attends camp, you will get more than one coupon or book of Golden Tickets!

Each person you refer will receive a letter and brochure from us with a referral code. We will keep track of your referrals and when one of them registers we will get your special prize ready!

Complete these steps to Refer A Friend!

1. Click on Contact Us
2. Scroll down to where you enter your information.
3. Enter your name and email address and “Refer A Friend” in the subject.
4. In the “Comments” section, write your friend’s name and mailing address. It’s important you have the mailing address, so we can send them a letter. Also let us know if you want an ALLEGRO SHOP COUPON or GOLDEN TICKETS.
5. Click “SEND”.
6. Do it again for another friend.
7. And another.
8. And another.
9. Repeat for as many times as you want with friends that would be new to IMC.
10. Register yourself for IMC this summer!
11. Encourage your friends to register!
12. Collect your prize at camp!

*A new IMC camper is someone who is attending IMC for the first time.