University Prep Program

The University Prep Program is for advanced high school musicians completing grades 10-12 interested in the possibility of studying music at the university level. The program is available for instrumentalists, pianists, and vocalists.

The three-week U-Prep Program is a progressive in-depth program allowing students the opportunity to explore basic courses required of music majors at the university level, plus take private lessons and participate in large ensembles at IMC.  The program includes daily classes in music theory, ear-training and sight-singing, music history and appreciation, composition and applied music.  Each U-Prep camper will have two half-hour private lessons with an IMC artist-teacher and may participate in chamber music groups each week.

U-Prep campers must select from the following programs (one per session):

  • Session 4 – Choir, Piano, or Guitar
  • Session 5 – Band, Jazz Band, or Vocal Jazz
  • Session 6 – Orchestra, Band, Harp, World Percussion, or Mallet Percussion

Special Note: Students are encouraged to attend all three sessions (A, B, C) in one season.  However, if it is not possible to attend the three-week program, students have the opportunity to take the first two weeks (A & B) together and may take the third week (C) the following year.

Sessions 4, 5 & 6

• University Prep A, B & C (July 7-27, 2024)
• University Prep A & B (July 7-20, 2024)
• University Prep C (July 21-27, 2024) – must take A & B first

Two Letters of Recommendation are required for acceptance into the University Preparatory Program.

  • A letter of recommendation from the school principal or superintendent must confirm the applicant’s high standard of integrity, behavior, and social maturity.
  • A letter of recommendation from the school music instructor indicating the applicant’s academic and musical ability must also be submitted with the application for admission.
  • Students may also be asked to submit a recorded audition prior to acceptance.

Online Registration is not accepted for the University Preparatory Program.  You MUST register by mail or by phone.

University Prep Program – A, B & C – Grades 10-12
$1,880 USD if registered by May 1 or $1,925 USD after May 1

Includes 2 private lessons per week!

University Prep Program – A & B – Grades 10-12
$1,255 USD if registered by May 1 or $1,285 USD after May 1

Includes 2 private lessons per week!

University Prep Program – C (must take A & B first) – Grades 10-12
$630 USD if registered by May 1 or $645 USD after May 1

Includes 2 private lessons per week!

2024 University Prep Faculty - Sessions 4, 5 & 6 - July 7-27, 2024

Instructor Info
Dr. Richard Adams
Texas Women's University
Denton, Texas

Sample University Prep Schedule
8:30-9:30………International Wind Ensemble
11:45-1:15………Break & Lunch
1:15-2:10……….Diction & Ear Training
2:15-3:00……….Masterclass/Private Practice MWF; Lessons TTh
3:00-3:50……….International Wind Ensemble
4:00-4:50……….Chamber Music
4:50-6:00……….Break & Dinner
6:00-6:50……….International Wind Ensemble
7:00-7:55……….Music Appreciation